Automated Gates for Rural, Commercial or Residential Use

Automated gates provide a convenient way to access gated areas without having
to leave the car. Gate automation is already becoming quite popular across many
residential areas, with homeowners understanding the benefits of opening and
closing remote-controlled automated gates from the safety of the car.

However, automated gates are also available for rural and commercial use as well.

Rural Farm Gate Automation

Closing off paddocks or cattle yards is important for the protection of property and
cattle. Yet, manually opening or closing gates can be cumbersome, especially when
you’re dragging wide gates across undergrowth or paddock areas. Automating these
functions saves you time and effort, but can also help to reduce risk of injury from
lugging heavy gates.

Gates left unlocked or not closed property can pose a risk of cattle escaping into
unwanted areas. This is yet another reason why using automated gates can increase
safety. It’s very possible to install automated farm gates that are safe and versatile.
These will close securely, giving you peace of mind that cattle are safe and closed
off areas remain that way.

For areas that are not within easy access of a power source, individual farm gates
can be powered by use of solar panels.

Swing Gates or Sliding Gates

Swing gates are ideal for most farm fencing situations. However, there are times
when installing a sliding gate can provide better security and convenience for some
rural properties.

Both types of gates can easily be converted to include automation to make opening
and closing easier without having to leave the vehicle.

Quikfence are able to create custom kits that can be any combination of single or
double gates, or swinging or sliding gates. We use only the best quality materials,
designed to provide strength and durability where you need these things most.

Additionally, it’s also very easy to include steel gate wheels for larger gates. This
assists with easier opening and closing, but also reduces the level of pressure
placed on hinges and posts as they’re used.

You can also opt for low voltage power gate opening mechanisms to reduce the
hazard risk of having potentially dangerous 240v AC voltages near the motor. There
is also the alternative of operating automated gates using solar power.

As these are such easy components to install, you’ll be saving time and money on
hiring an electrician to install your gate automation mechanisms.
Gate Automation:

Durable, High Quality Farm Fencing Components

Quikfence can provide gate automation that is specifically designed for the harsh
Australian climate. This means all components are rust-resistant and made from
durable materials that will withstand exposure to the elements.

Gate opening mechanisms are made with heavy duty steel components, and all farm
fences and gates can be manufactured to meet your exact requirements for strength,
width, and size.

Quikfence are able to custom make sliding gates or swing gates to suit any individual
application. This includes decorative gates for residential or commercial use, or
heavy duty cattle gates for rural use. We can deliver your farm fencing needs to
anywhere across Australia ready to install. Alternatively, we do have a professional
team of fencing contractors willing to install your automated gates for you in any
State or Territory.

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