Benefits of Using Galvanised Strainer Posts for Rural Fencing

QuikFence specialise in supplying and installing cost-effective rural fencing solutions that are designed to last for the long term. Our newest product is the round drivable strainer post, which provides multiple benefits over other forms of farm fencing posts.

Fast, Simple Installation

One of the primary benefits of using galvanised steel strainer posts is that they’re fast and easy to install. This actively reduces maintenance time in the event of replacing existing posts. It also reduces overall installation times for new fencing projects.

As these posts are drivable by hand or by machine, there is no boring required. There’s also no need to pour concrete to secure each post.

Base plates available also come in a choice of unique systems designed to suit multiple applications. The versatile multi-directional ground anchors also make it easy to customise fence post requirements to suit any particular installation.

Improved Safety

Drivable strainer posts can also help to improve safety for any livestock kept within paddocks or yards. As they’re driven securely into place, they provide superior strength and stability, especially for use as support posts for gates. These strainer posts are also very easy to attach fully adjustable gate hinges.

Steel fence posts are also fire proof, so they won’t pose a risk in the event of a scrub fire or back-burning operation.


The Quikfence Strainer posts require only a spanner and a method of driving them into the ground.

There is NO requirement for Dangerous hand tools- grinder, Welders, metal cutting drills and even hammers.

No “HOT WORKS PERMITT” required onsite as there is no risk of fire when installing these innovative strainer posts.

The safest, strongest and time efficient method on the rural fencing scene.

 Reduced Maintenance

Using timber posts can post multiple maintenance problems for any property owner. Aside from the tendency of timber to warp, crack or split over time, there is also the risk of posts being attacked and eaten by white ants. Timber is also susceptible to fire.

As timber posts break down, wire fencing along that stretch can be compromised, putting livestock and cattle at risk. This often means increased maintenance time to replace affected posts, along with additional costs to replace them, plus the risk of injury to cattle to tend to.

Timber posts are heavy and can only be lifted by a machine increasing the costs of installation hugely.

By comparison, using galvanised steel drivable posts can mean far less maintenance issues to contend with. Steel posts have a superior wire-holding ability over timber, so there is less risk of compromising safety of livestock and far less risk of wire breakages.

Cost Effective

Using strainer posts for rural fencing needs can be a highly cost-effective solution. Lower maintenance costs and less time spent on upkeep are just the beginning.

As the posts are Hot dipped galvanised, they’re resistant to rust so they’re not likely to corrode quickly. They’ll provide strength and security for farm fencing needs for years to come.

Available in Kit Form

Many of the galvanised steel strainer assemblies available from QuikFence can be ordered in kit-form. This allows for quick delivery and very simple installation. Kits include all steel posts and caps, including ground anchors, as well as pipe stays and foot plates. Kits also include threaded rods, nuts, bolts and washers to ensure installation of fence posts is as easy as possible.

QuikFence are able to deliver strainer posts in kit form to any location right across Australia. Alternatively, installation can be arranged by qualified installers. QuikFence are also able to provide any of the machinery required to complete installation effectively.

For more information regarding galvanised drivable strainer posts for wire fencing, call any of the specialist team at QuikFence on 1800 062 723.

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