Quikfence Now Offer Delivery of Farm Gates and Rural Fencing Materials Nationwide

Supply and installation of farm gates and rural fencing supplies has long been a source of frustration for many rural property owners. Yet, Quikfence offer a range of time-saving and money-saving farm fencing materials that can be delivered to any property nationwide.

Separating various paddocks and field areas on rural properties can be an important consideration. Aside from keeping valuable livestock secure, farm gates can also be used to keep unwanted animals out of various areas. Separating larger paddocks will also reduce the use of expensive oral drenches to control of intestinal worms, smaller paddock grazed on a rotation of more than 21days can greatly reduce the cost of up to 65%.

Yet, many farm gate designs are impractical and unwieldy. Timber gates can be heavy to open and close. They’re also susceptible to termites and fire, which makes them unsafe for many locations.

The ranges of farm gates available from Quikfence are durable and long-lasting, made from galvanised steel. This makes them suitable for prolonged exposure to the harsh Australian elements. They can also be custom designed to suit any opening width.

Gates can be fitted with vertical braces to add extra strength. They can also be fitted with gate wheels for easier operation. It’s even possible to install remote control systems to allow opening and closing without getting out of the vehicle. These can be powered by solar systems fitted near the gates, which avoids the need for expensive electrical connections for remote locations.

Quikfence offers a full range of easy-to-install farm fencing supplies that are strong, durable and long-lasting. Installing the correct farm fencing actually decreases maintenance costs, as they simply don’t need to be repaired or replaced so often.

Delivery can be arranged for all farm fencing materials directly to any property location right across the country. Quikfence can also arrange for expert installation of fence posts, farm fencing and farm gates if required.

For more information about farm gates and rural farm fencing supplies, please visit: www.quikfence.com.au

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