Effective Options for Reducing Rural Fencing Equipment and Farm Fencing Costs

Searching for cost-effective rural fencing equipment can be challenging. Many property owners consider the initial cost to be the primary factor in the farm fencing they choose.

However, it’s important to take into account the longevity of the fences and gates you choose. This is because constant upkeep and maintenance on poor quality materials can end up costing you far more time and money than you planned for.

Galvanised Fence Posts

Replacing timber fence posts with galvanised fence posts can help to increase safety and reduce costs over the long term. Timber is susceptible to fire and termites. Additionally, timber has the capacity to rot or become brittle over time. Unstable timber fence posts can pose a hazard to cattle or livestock, increasing the risk of them getting out or sustaining an injury at the fence line.

By comparison, galvanised fence posts are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the harsh Australian climate. They’re corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. They’re not susceptible to fire or termites, so there is far less chance that you’ll need to replace them any time soon. This saves you time spent on maintenance and saves you money, as the job only needs to be done once.

And not insignificant the weight of the posts and stays makes the logistics and handling easier than expected, concrete and timber posts and stays are very heavy and require machinery to lift and work with, Quikfence Steel Galvanised Fence Posts and End assemblies are light in weight and high tensile in strength while being superbly adequate for the job.

Farm Gates

The right choice of farm gates can not only increase security for cattle and livestock, but can also save time and effort for you. Rural gates designed to separate livestock yards or paddocks across a property need to be strong and secure enough to retain animals in their yards, but also need to be easy for you to open and close when needed.

Choosing galvanised cattle yard gates can be a cost effective way to increase gate strength at the same time as increasing ease of operation. Heavy duty gates can be custom designed to fit any gate width. For wider gate openings, wheels can be fitted to the bottom of gates to make opening much easier. Gate wheels also prevent placing any unnecessary pressure on the hinges or gate posts, which means less maintenance is required overall.

Remote controlled gates can be an excellent option for many property owners. Using solar panels to power the motor, a remote controlled gate allows you to access various gated-off areas without having to get out of your vehicle.

High Quality Fencing Products

Choosing to use high quality rural fencing products can be an excellent way to reduce maintenance time and costs. Improving the durability and strength of base plates, fencing posts and stays can mean far less work required overall to maintain a property. Good quality fencing also helps to reduce the incidence of injury to livestock.

QuikFence is able to provide, deliver and install custom farm fencing equipment designed to suit any property requirement to any location across Australia. All rural fencing and gates available are extremely easy to install. All machinery to get installation completed as quickly and effectively as possible can be provided for your convenience. This includes Post Punchers to ensure that all fence posts are installed safely while reducing the risk of trying to punch post holes using a tractor. Additionally, fast installation can be arranged at very competitive prices, saving you time and labour getting the job done.

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