Minimise Rural Fencing Costs

The constant maintenance and upkeep required on most farm fences and gates can actually end up being more expensive than most people realise. While the initial materials used to create the fences might seem cheap at the onset, having to replace or repair warped, broken, or damaged fencing components on a regular basis ends up costing more money and time that most farmers just don’t need to spend.

The key to minimising rural fencing costs is to consider using the right types of farm fencing and gates that will get the job done, but will also not need to be replaced or repaired any time soon.

Galvanised Fence Posts vs. Timber Fence Posts

Timber fence posts might seem like a cheap option, but they have a tendency to warp over time. They’re also highly susceptible to termites and to fire, which dramatically decreases their efficiency.

By comparison, galvanised fence posts are designed to withstand exposure to the harsh Australian climate over the long term. They’re durable and they’re corrosion-resistant so they don’t need to be replaced or repaired any time soon.

Galvanised fence posts can be installed easily using cost-effective post-driver machinery. This saves time and effort on labour, while ensuring that the job gets done properly.

Heavy Duty Cattle and Farm Gates

Galvanised cattle gates and farm gates are ideal for securing individual paddocks or yards and keeping livestock safe. These can be created to suit any gate width and are provided with fully adjustable gate hinges. Gates can even be fitted with wheels to make opening and closing much easier than dragging heavy timber gates across scrub or grassy paddocks.

Additionally, it’s possible to fit galvanised gates with a remote controller. This saves time and effort from getting in and out of a vehicle to open gates to access various yard areas. Remote-controlled gates can be fitted with solar panels to provide power. This also saves on expensive electrical cabling and installation, especially for gates installed in inconvenient locations.

Fast Installation

Using the right tools and machinery to install farm fencing can save you more time and money than you would expect. The whole idea of securing a yard or paddock with fencing is to get the fences up and then focus on operating the rest of the property. No property owner wants to spend more time working on fencing than on the actual farming.

For this reason, it’s very possible to buy or rent the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Portable gas-driven post drivers make the job of installing all types of rural fencing in remote locations or on rough terrain much easier, saving manual labour.

It’s also possible to have fencing delivered directly to any property, no matter how remote, which further saves time and effort from heading out to pick up components from neighbouring towns.

When you consider the benefits of choosing the right style of gates and fencing, it becomes very possible to reduce rural fencing costs overall. The reduction in maintenance and upkeep from working on sub-standard fencing is a money-saver on its own.

The key to finding the right fencing products is to consult with specialists within the farm fence construction industry. The team at Quikfence is just that. They will be able to suggest the most cost-effective rural fencing solutions to suit any application and requirements.

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