Save Time and Money on the Right Rural Fencing Products

Far too many rural property owners understand the frustration of spending valuable time on repairing or maintaining farm fences and gates. Using cheap fencing products might seem viable at the time, but when you add up the amount of time spent maintaining these, the overall costs can be staggering.

Replacing Timber Posts with Galvanised Fence Posts

Numerous rural properties are fenced using timber posts with wire strung between each post. Unfortunately, timber has a tendency to warp and split over time, making the fence line less secure.

Timber is also highly susceptible to termite attack, further weakening the integrity of the fence line. There’s also the risk of fire in very arid locations. Spending time re-boring timber posts can be frustrating, especially if there has been loss or injury caused to livestock as a result of the fence breach.

This can be alleviated by replacing old timber posts with galvanised fence posts. These are incredibly quick and easy to install, and provide superior durability. As the posts are galvanised, they’re not going to pose the same risk to your property as timber posts will during a fire.

What’s more, they’re designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the harsh Australian climate. They’re rust-resistant and termite-proof. They also provide a far more reliable post to attach fencing wire to.

Upgrading Farm Gates

Moving livestock or cattle between secured areas can be a chore. If your paddocks are secured with wooden gates, these can become difficult to open and close, especially if you’re dragging them across low scrub or uneven ground. This can also pose a risk for cattle, as these gates aren’t always as secure as they should be, especially when warped or cracked timber begins to crumble with age.

Replacing warped timber gates with galvanised farm gates saves time and effort. These can be customised to suit any gate opening width and can even be fitted with wheels to make operating them quicker.

It’s also possible to install remote-controlled gates. For gates installed in remote locations, it’s easy to provide power to these using individual solar panels. This removes the need for electrical cables that run out to gates that aren’t within easy access of a source of electrical supply, yet still provides the same convenience.

Competitive Rural Fencing Prices

One of the biggest deterrents many farm owners face when considering rural fencing products is the cost. Most simply assume that upgrading existing farm fencing will be too expensive and so they tend not to bother.

However, rural fencing prices for high-quality farm fences and gates can be extremely competitive. It’s possible to source all types of rural fencing at prices that are much lower than you might expect. When you add up the cost saving of your time and maintenance, the cost becomes even cheaper overall.

QuikFence specialises in all types of farm fencing, with delivery of fences and gates available all over the country. They are able to deliver directly to the property, no matter how remote. All products available are very easy to install and provide superior security for any rural property at the best possible prices.

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