Galvanised Fence Post Provide Stronger Rural Fencing Options at Cost Effective Prices

Galvanised fence posts can be more cost effective than timber posts. QuikFence offers a range of farm fencing posts, fences and gates designed to save time and money for rural property owners.

Securing any rural property, paddock or field is crucial for many farmers. Yet so many property owners choose to use timber posts to secure fencing, believing this will be the cheapest solution for them.

Timber posts can be susceptible to attacks from termites, weakening the structure and risking the integrity of the fence line overall. Likewise, timber posts are also susceptible to fire. In the event of a nearby brush fire or even back-burning operation, timber posts can become a hazard. Each of these means more time and money spent on maintenance and upkeep of farm fencing.

By comparison, galvanised fence posts allow for simple, efficient installation. Once installed, they are designed to last over the long term, as they are corrosion resistant and they do not present the same hazards as timber posts do in terms of termites or fire.

As there is far less maintenance required to maintaining fence lines when using galvanised fence posts, this actually represents a considerable time and cost saving overall.

The same principle is true of farm gates and cattle yard gates. Galvanised gates offer superior strength, keeping cattle and livestock secure and reducing the risk of injury. Aside from this, galvanised farm gates can be created to suit any width opening. They can also be fitted with wheels to make opening and closing easier, as well as fitted with remote control devices. These can be powered by conveniently located solar panels to reduce the need to run electrical wiring out to cattle yards or paddocks.

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